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Sandbox vs live mode

When you sign up with Griffin, you will start off in sandbox mode. The sandbox is a playground that lets you try out our platform right away, without going through a full onboarding process and with no commitment to buy.

The sandbox mirrors our live environment as closely as possible - actions and their outcomes will run in the same way. The main difference is that the sandbox has limited contact with the outside world, and so the data contained in some outcomes will be simulated.

Getting started with the sandbox

When you first sign up for the sandbox, it will be empty. The best way to get familiar with the platform is to try adding some of your own sample customers and bank accounts. If you’re a developer, your first step should be to get started with the API. If you’re a business user, you can log in and start exploring at

Right now, you can:

  • add test customers via Verify, our automated onboarding product
  • open test bank accounts for those customers
  • move money between those bank accounts

When you create a bank account in the sandbox, the system will automatically deposit £1,000 of fake money for you to play around with!


Contact with the outside world is limited in the sandbox. This means:

  • payments and transactions to the outside world will act as normal, but will not involve our payment partners
  • onboarding your customers will generate check results, but the data contained in those results will be simulated
  • onboarding your customers will not trigger any emails to company directors or owners
  • open banking is not available in sandbox

Please make sure to read our privacy notice and to obtain consent before uploading any real personal data to the sandbox.

Going live

Right now, if you want to go live with Griffin, you will need to contact us. The sandbox and live mode are separate environments, so after you go live, you will still be able to toggle between the two and try out new features in the sandbox.