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Get to know Verify

Verify is an automated onboarding solution that lets you bring a full range of Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/KYB), anti-money laundering, and anti-fraud checks into your product via a single API.

Verify can help you:

  • satisfy your regulatory requirements and those set out by Griffin (or by another banking partner).
  • manage risk more efficiently by reducing and streamlining your manual review queue.
  • improve your customers’ experience with a quick, simple, unified onboarding process.

Verify uses pre-integrated data sources to run verification and screening checks on potential customers. You can choose one of two approaches for using Verify:

  • Preset workflows (recommended). Our pre-configured, pre-approved onboarding workflows are designed specifically to be used with our future banking products.
  • Custom workflows. Create your own workflows designed to meet the needs of another banking partner.

Whichever method you choose, Verify provides a detailed breakdown of all check results in plain language, so manual reviews are clear and straightforward and your team can quickly make an informed decision.

Use cases

  • KYB for business onboarding
    • Limited companies
    • LLPs
  • KYC for individual onboarding
    • Sole traders
    • Individuals
  • Sanctions screening
    • Against all international sanctions lists
  • Adverse media screening
    • On corporate entities


Verify is currently only available in the UK.


  • Preset workflows. Reduce configuration time with our preset workflows, which include all the checks you need to get going with Griffin’s future banking products.
  • Automate decisions. Instantly categorise decisions into one of three statuses:
    • Accepted
    • Declined
    • Referred (to an investigator for review)
  • Simplify manual reviews. Get clear and detailed results for every check on every customer.
  • Keep an audit trail. Access a complete record of all check results and decisions.

Automated checks


  • Business lookup and verification
  • Directors and people with significant control:
    • Identity document verification
    • Biometric verification
    • Sanctions screening
    • PEP screening
    • Adverse media screening
    • Fraud checks

Individuals and sole traders

  • Identity document verification
  • Address verification
  • Biometric verification
  • Sanctions screening
  • PEP screening
  • Fraud checks

API integration

Getting set up with Verify typically takes about two weeks. Our API is designed to be simple, flexible, and easy to use. For more detail, get started with the API.

Support and feedback

We're happy to offer individual support to make our product work better for you. Drop us a line via chat or email us at if you have questions.