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Close a bank account

This guide will show you how to close a bank account via the API. It covers all types of bank accounts you can currently create on the Griffin platform. Right now, this information only applies to sandbox mode.


In order to close a bank account, it must currently be open.

Closing the account


Account closure is permanent. Once closed, a bank account cannot be reopened.

You will need the close-account-url for the bank account, which was returned in the response when the account was first created, but can also be retrieved by getting the account.

-X 'POST' \
-H "Authorization: GriffinAPIKey $GRIFFIN_API_KEY"

There is no POST data for this action.

A successful response will look like this:

"account-url": "/v0/bank/accounts/ba.3XbMWgUWQMumdJBCMilreA",
"available-balance": {
"currency": "GBP",
"value": "0.00"},
"display-name": "Acme Operational Account",
"beneficiary-url": "/v0/legal-persons/lp.nrycmOSNVyC2t_5JAxn0Zw",
"account-balance": {
"currency": "GBP",
"value": "0.00"},
"account-transactions-url": "/v0/bank/accounts/ba.3XbMWgUWQMumdJBCMilreA/transactions",
"account-payments-url": "/v0/bank/accounts/ba.3XbMWgUWQMumdJBCMilreA/payments",
"bank-product-type": "operational-account",
"bank-addresses": [
"account-holder": "Acme Ltd.",
"bank-id": "000000",
"account-number": "17990030"}],
"owner-url": "/v0/legal-persons/lp.nrycmOSNVyC2t_5JAxn0Zw",
"close-account-url": "/v0/bank/accounts/ba.3XbMWgUWQMumdJBCMilreA/actions/close",
"account-status": "closing",
"controller-url": "/v0/legal-persons/lp.nrycmOSNVyC2t_5JAxn0Zw"}

The account is placed into a closing state and will no longer accept inbound payments. Any payment attempted to a closed account will be marked with status failed. Account closure, signified by the account-status moving from closing to closed, will happen automatically when it's balance is zero and any accrued interest has been paid. Learn more about the account lifecycle


An account close error will return HTTP status 422. Learn more about account close errors.